Toon de Zoeten, films
Selected Projects

>> video|art, documentaries, experimental films, various

>> producer, director, editor, camera-operator

>> cooperating within a network of filmmakers, artists, specialists


Studio Address:

Eerste Nassaustraat 7

1052 BD Amsterdam

The Netherlands


"8 Minutes" (working title)

Video Installation | Portraits of survivors of Germans Camps in WW II | In preparation, due 4th of May 2015 | send e-mail for extra info


"Côte à Côte"

Documentary | Environmental issues at the coast of the Republique of Congo, commissioned by UNEP | no extra info


"4th of May commemoration"

Video Projection | Double screen video projection at a remembrance concert by the Amsterdam Barok Gezelschap


"Serenade to the onion"

Art Project | Very nice small project by Edward Janssen in collaboration with Mark Nieuwenhuis (trumpet) and me (video) | no extra info



Art Project | collaboration with Frouke Wiarda (sound artist) and Jet Nijkamp (drawer) | click for more info


"I once said I'm a clear blue sky without clouds without sun"

Art Project | collaboration with Rossella Biscotti |2nd prize Prix de Rome 2009 | click for more info


"Dantes Dood"

Fiction film for Theaterplay | click for more info


"'The Undercover Man' "

Art Movie | click for more info


Dance/Artmovie | click for more info


"Petit Loango, Oil and Gorillas. "

Documentary | click for more info


"In Situ II"

Dance/Video Art | click for more info


"Harira II"

Film adaptation of theatre play| click for more info